A dream-sketch and experiment

So recently I have (aside from getting the jewelry itch) been wanting to create more drawings.

So I did.


This first one is a simple graphite on paper illustration. He is a great big, greasy, fat guy who eats children. This is according to my friend Steph, who birthed the inspiration from a dream she had. I decided that I wanted to attempt a likeness from her description.Mmmmmm, gorgeous, is he not? I may end up working this into a colour illustration, but for the moment I am content.

I have also been experimenting with watercolour pencils. I have never been very inspired by watercolour paint, but decided to try the pencils out on a whim. I love being able to mix the lines together but maintain control.

This is a green penguin. I like him. He seems to like me. I will now attempt to create more animals like him. I am looking forward to seeing if, they too, like me. :)

Off to more drawing.

p.s. It may seem icky and creepy, but I blended the last entire image using spit. Hey, it worked quite efficiently. :D


Wildwood Flower said...

Hi Hilary, Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! You'll notice that once you start networking, it's so fun and addicting, you'll not be able to stop! I am loving your sketch of that fat guy, I think it would be cool to see him in color also. Happy Networking!

Hello said...

Very nice sketches. Thank you for following my blog.

April Starr said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm actually participating in a month long group challenge to create and item a day for a month .. it's fun! Very interesting penguin picture!

SaraL said...

I LOVE the little Ps. you added on at the end! At first my reaction was EEK but then I thought about it for a second, and that is totally something that I would do... haha and it turned out fabulously, so pretty