New Show!!


So after a 7-8 month dry spell, I've finally gotten into another art-thingy. :)
This time it is a juried art show and sale in Toronto.Yeah, that's the one. :D
I'm really quite excited actually. My friend Cynthia was in a show there this past May and I visited her and found that it is a very nice locale. I can only hope that the weather will be as good. I've opted for a semi-enclosed booth space, which costs a bit extra but is better for me since I don't happen to have a tent and with the space expense, renting one would cost more overall.
I'll be brining along work from my series "One step back, two steps forward." Which until recently I have not been too happy with. It's one of those things where, if you don't look at it, becomes skewed in your memory. I am starting to enjoy the series as a whole a lot more now. Funny how validation by others can do that. :S

Ah well, the image below will be what represents me in the show catalogue they're coming up with:

Untitled#1 (detail)

Coming up around September I'll be attempting to apply for two other shows, but they won't happening until around March.

We'll see how this turns out. I'm personally pretty damn excited. :D