New Painting finished!

Sweet. Took me long enough.

I am happy that things are starting to settle in here though and my work schedule allows me to create a home-schedule which has begun to show accomplishment. :)

I've stretched and primed a new surface for yet another painting which is pretty darn quick for me but I'm excited with my quick progress and hope to be able to attempt selling some prints in the near future.

The finished piece, Berry-Smoothy:

mmmmmmmmm, berry-licious.

hm, maybe I should make "Mmmmmm" the title of this whole series. :)
I really like how this one turned out. Probably because of the composition. I loved how the residue from the smoothy made interesting designs on side of the glass I had used. As well, the colours became really interesting when I actually got a chance to look at my photos close-up on my computer.
So far I really like my next piece as well. It's a close-up of soy-sauce in some olive oil. We'll see how that turns out.

I've also been working on a couple knitting projects. Playing around with small cables in order to make a relief-design. Some trees and skulls. I have a prototype of the one with trees on it. It's nearly finished but needs a lining and a strap. Still havn't decided if I want a shoulder strap or a longer one that would sling over the head and across the chest.

No pics of those yet, just havn't gotten around to it.

Not much else to get down here. Work's been a bit crazy, but manageable.


Hm, been awhile

Right. So did I ever mention that I've previously attempted to start two other Blogs? ... And failed to keep them up miserably? ;) Anyway, I never made any commitments to this in any case. Honestly, I suck at keeping logs of things. But I'm here now.

I have no pictures. This is because I really havn't been working on anything serious and the things I have been working on really arn't far enough along to warrant a picture. I did finish a painting of abstracted cookie-dough which I will put at the end of this post. (Just remembered that).

I'm in Guelph now. Kicking in a job that allows me at least a bit of time to work on my art and still be able to pay bills. It gets tedious and quite monotonous at times, but it's better than a job that keeps me on my butt in an office without and time for what I really want to do.

Went to an event called FaeryFest this past Sunday. I have a bunch of pics on my Flickr account. Link Below:


I also have some pics of past knitting projects from University there as well.

It was a fun time there, kind of hot and really sunny but fun and great to see all the tiny kids dressed up (and a lot of older people too) :) Made me think about hone-ing my illustrative practices and perhaps getting into some vending. .... Atempts shall commence. Proto-types may appear on here in the near future.

Alright, I'm done typing, time for the pics:

Cookie-dough, mmmmmmm

These were created last fall in an attempt to satisfy an illustration craving I had been suppressing for a bit. They are "faerie" or "nature creatures" I'm not really sure. I like where I was going with them and I might try to make some more or change them slightly. I really like how the one on the right turned out but I like the shaggy dirtiness of the one on the left.

Alright, that's enough for now.