New Series started!

Awesomeness, all!

I've finally finished a large 42" square painting that has been hanging on my wall since May. It has been neglected and pounced upon a couple times. The pictures below don't include a high-gloss finish that I plan on putting on, mostly because I wanted to details to show through without the shine from the lighting (can't afford professional pics yet).

It is called Maggot. The style is folk or Tole painting, with a twist. The imagery is not typical of the flowers, hearts and little dutch children one might normally find in folk art. The colours are as well much more garish and formed into a Buddhist Mandala-type format.

This style falls into possible categories such as Anti-craft, Outsider Art, perhaps even Surrealism (though I believe that is a bit of a stretch).

In any case, I loved creating it, plan on starting another one very soon, and hope that I can think of enough creepy icky stuff to make pretty. :)

Inspiration from the following:

Maggot, Acrylic on canvas, 42" x 42", 2009.

Maggot, detail.
I really do enjoy bright intense colours. We'll see how that next one goes. It's going to be a bit more subdued.


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